You have better things to do than prepare Music Cue Sheets.

As a DL Music Client, you have access to our automatic Cue Sheet Tool through DLM Online.

The Cue Sheet Tool allows you to instantly complete a music cue sheet by uploading an EDL (edit decision list) or PT Session (Pro Tools session) from your desktop to our Cue Sheet Tool - its just that simple!

Our Cue Sheet Tool also allows you manually build a music cue sheet by using our auto-fill feature, fill in the cue sheet header information, and make edits or alterations to any of the cue sheet fields.

Once you have completed your cue sheet, you can Preview, Print, Export as an Excel file, save it to your My Projects area, or Finalize and Submit it to DL Music.

If you're too busy to complete your cue sheets yourself, DL Music offers an in-house music cue sheet preparation service on a per project, per series, or on a term basis for all your music cue sheets.